Sunday Seven: Living With Chronic Pain – Tips.


For some of you who have been following my blog for the past few years (firstly, you rock) you will know that a few years ago I broke and damaged some of the vertebrae in my spine, along with some nerves in my leg after a horse riding accident. I’ve come a long way in the past two years and live a relatively normal life, I still work full time, I still see my friends, I still go out but I just need to be a little more careful. Of course, it’s a challenge and a case of good days and bad days.

After two years I’ve come up with my own ways to deal with the days where pain is a problem and although I’m no superwoman and struggle I’ve learnt to live day to day.

Acknowledge that your body is doing the best it can 

It’s incredibly frustrating when your body doesn’t play game. It’s easy to hate on it and get angry, upset and feel that your body is failing you but, it is doing the best it can. My body healed from serious injuries and it will take time for it to go back to the way it was before.

Celebrate the little things 

I love when I can do things again that show a little step in the right direction. Having a good gym session, going for a walk, losing some of the weight that appeared after the accident etc. These are all things that I try and celebrate as it shows my body healing little by little.

You know your body, make sure doctors understand that 

Doctors appointments can be battlefields. Know your body, know what you need.

Accept that life is full of good days and bad days 

Some days I feel brilliant, other days I’m in a lot of pain and struggle with my body and my happiness. These are unfortunately both parts of living with chronic pain.

Find a release from your pain 

Listen to music, write, make art, write blogs. There needs to be a healthy outlet for your pain because it is a real and valid emotion.

Talk to others who know how you feel  

I’ve found the Twitter community amazing when I’m having a bad pain day. There are so many others who can understand what you’re going through and give you a little support when you need it.

Remember you are more than your pain 

It’s easy to feel locked into your pain on a tough stretch, that this is your life and you’ll always feel this way. You’re more than this and you’re stronger than this!

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