Feminist Friday: Born or Becoming a Woman?


If you’ve ever studied Feminism or Women’s writing you’ll know the quote I’m thinking of when I started to write this post. It started in France with one of the greatest feminist writers of all time; ‘one is not born, but rather becomes a woman’ Simone de Beauvior argued and how right she was. There’s a lot of debate in feminism about what feminism means to each and every one of us. I enjoy debate, it’s healthy in an intelligent society as long as we are willing to listen to each other.

I truly believe that no one is born into a gender. I wrote essay after essay in university about how gender is socially constructed, it’s not in our DNA. I loved those classes, because I really passionately believed in de Beauvior, in Judith Butler etc, I also wanted to apply it to a modern problem. Something that many wanted to ignore. I 100% believe we need to include Transgender women in the fight for equality and feminism. A few years ago Germaine Greer made very unfair and uneducated assumptions about Trans women.

While I myself am I white Cis female, I care very strongly about the LGBTQ community. I truly believe that all women, no matter what, have a right to equality. There’s no one shape for a woman, no one idea, that’s what feminism is about! Being ourselves and being respected. In each culture there is an idea of what a man is supposed to be and what a woman is supposed to be, it’s not hard-wired because of our genitals. It’s who we feel we are.

If someone goes through the experience of living in the wrong body, having to tell that to the people they love in the fear of rejection and then try to fit in with other women then, damn, they’ve tried harder than me. If they are not a woman then I am certainly not. I have my own struggles, problems and issues, we all do but to be insulted after all that and be told you’re still not accepted? I don’t believe in it, to me it goes against everything feminism stands for. We are what is in our hearts, not our pants.

We each become who we are, who we feel we are inside. Some become women, some become men. We, hopefully, become who we are inside.

I’d love to open up a conversation with you all in the comments below or on Twitter about this! If I have any trans readers who maybe want to talk privately DM me (@chloemetzger) or drop me an email on chloefmetzger@gmail.com, as always I’d love to hear from you all!



2 thoughts on “Feminist Friday: Born or Becoming a Woman?

  1. Leanne says:

    I think equality and respect for all is so important and that’s why I identify as a feminist- because there is so much progress that still needs to be made. I’d love to know what your favourite feminist books are, whether fiction or non-fiction? I’m trying to expand my reading in this area. Many feminist books published years ago (and some recent ones too) don’t have the level of inclusiveness I like, which makes me feel awkward.

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    • chloemetzger says:

      I completely agree Leanne. Ohh that’s a tough one. Fiction I’d say The Colour Purple by Alice Walker and The ‘Normal’ Series by Holly Bourne off the top of my head. As for non-fiction where do I start! Everyday Sexism by Laura Bates, The Vagenda by Rihannon Lucy Cosslet and Holly Baxter, How To Be A Woman Caitlin Moran and Here We Are by Kelly Jensen (which I’ll be reviewing on Thursday) which is FULL of inclusiveness 🙂


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