It’s Ok Not To Be Ok


Sometimes in our busy lives, it’s easy to forget that not feeling ok is ok. I know a lot of people with mental health conditions and we spend a lot of time wading through day to day tasks, trying not to let it show. It’s easy to say we’re fine and keep it all inside. I needed reminding this week that it’s ok to feel that things aren’t great, even if to the outside world they are. Take it at your own pace, feel what you need to feel.

I’ve been caught up in a lot of ‘shoulds’ recently. That I should feel happy constantly because to everyone else my life looks amazing. I know that I do have a good life, a great relationship, a job and a home that I love. I get caught up in how I should appear to other people, but often don’t listen to my own body and my own mind.

I have an illness, whether I or anyone else likes it, it’s there. Sometimes I feel sad, I feel exhausted and unhappy for no clear reason, it’s just part of the illness that I have. I’ve been giving myself a really tough time for the times I’ve felt unhappy and only really thought about it after catching the end of a Twitter chat.

I have a tattoo that says ‘One Day At A Time’ and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I’m going to let myself feel what I’m feeling and not feel guilty.

5 thoughts on “It’s Ok Not To Be Ok

  1. smartiebabie says:

    I didn’t just know you had a tattoo. I have 1 tattoo which I got during a time of great change and uncertainty in my life. It helps me remember to stay strong.
    I forget to allow myself to be weak and to be OK with the fact that sometimes it’s OK to have moments where I need help from others or to allow myself a good cry.
    I allowed myself time to cry on Friday, only for the duration for the drive home though. It was the first time I’d allowed myself to cry for weeks. And you know what? It felt really good.
    I love these posts of your chloe. Keep them up x

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