Sunday Seven: My Favourite Signs From Women’s Marches Worldwide

Yesterday millions marched across the world against the 45th president of the United States and his hatred and misogyny. While unfortunately, I couldn’t be marching with them, I was supporting them. I wanted to use today’s post to share some of the brilliant pictures I’ve seen across the internet in the last 24 hours.


This is one of the first the caught my eye, because it’s true.


I loved this because to me, he is like a fictional villain, and that’s worrying in itself.


Men supporting women is important and it’s important to note that there were men supporting the marches too, they’re using their voices too, which is needed.


Do I need to say more about why this is such a strong image?


A strong statement on so many levels.


Princess Leia was one of the first characters to be a strong female. It’s only right that she was there too.


It’s important to remember that this march was about so much more than women, it was about anyone who has felt marginalised and like they need to raise their voices.

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