Sunday Seven: Adventures at Winchester Christmas Market

I took a quick trip down to the Winchester Christmas Market today, it’s only half an hours drive and I’ve never been, even though it’s now one of the best in Europe! This Sunday I wanted to share some of the snaps I took today!


I picked up this adorable little fox! Isn’t she the cutest! This was in the craft section from a company called Original Apple Box and I am in love!


These were some of the adorable Christmas decorations that were on sale, Abbie gets her Mum a glass ornament from the market every year, there were so many lovely ones on sale.


I have to admit when I heard there was a fudge hut I was set, I was going to this Market. It didn’t disappoint I was able to bring home Chocolate Raspberry, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Orange and Vanilla. But, because I’m nice I’m sharing them with Ali instead of devouring them all myself.


Winchester Cathedral looks really pretty, I’m not religious but it is a beautiful building, I manage to snap a picture of my sister in front of it actually smiling!


A quick selfie in front of the ice rink with Abs.


These adorable little tea light holders were so beautiful, the market is full of some really unique things.


This year is the 10th anniversary of the market and it’s open until just before Christmas! It’s also really close to Winchester town center, if you’re interested in going check the website for all the info!

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