Saturday Night


So guys what are you all up to on this wild Saturday night, a Bonfire Night party, a crazy night out on the town, start with drinks and see where it goes. Or maybe you’re like me, curled up and seeing pictures flick up on Instagram and Twitter. I’m not usually one for FOMO, but occasionally I just feel this guilt as a 20 something that I should be doing amazing things. That I should be going WAHOOOO PARTY FUN. That isn’t me though.

I’ve struggled for the past few years with this sense of guilt. When I was in my first university I went to a club once, had a panic attack, left on my own and curled up with a magazine, finally happy. In second year I went out and drank so much that my anxiety was temporarily forgotten and I became someone else. In third year I had the excuse of my back to curl up in the flat and sleep.

Now I’ve left uni I’ve realised that for the majority of the time I don’t care. When I work Monday-Friday I don’t want to spend every weekend spending the money I earn on watered down alcohol in a place with awful music , getting drunk to push away my anxiety and then regretting it the following day. I completely understand that going out partying is what some people love to do, but I love to sleep. I love going out at the weekend and exploring something, seeing family or spending some quality time with Ali.

I guess I’m writing this because I know how lonely I’ve felt seeing everyone’s snaps and weekend fun, and then the sadness that I’m ‘not fun enough’ because that’s not what I find fun. I know that there are so many people who feel this way too, who love to just chill out or do something that doesn’t revolve around alcohol. You’re not alone and you know what, we’re pretty cool too.

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