I Want to Write a Book

One of my lifelong ambitions is to write a book. I’ve always loved to write. I’d fill up notebooks with little stories or character profiles and illustrations of my own characters. I even remember some of the stories about fairies, twins and magic stones. I know, weird. Every November I look at NaNoWriMo and go yeah I can do that, I can do it woo! But I don’t think it’s my style, I want to research and do this properly…that and I have to decide which idea I’m going to work on, which I can flesh out. But what makes me stop and hesitate is self-doubt and the desire for perfection. I want to write something worth reading, something I’d want to read. So that’s my aim, that’s what I want to do.

Any other future authors out there?

4 thoughts on “I Want to Write a Book

  1. Isobel Moon says:

    I 100% feel that!! A few weeks ago I just decided to go for it and posted the first few chapters I’d written. Just start writing and you can do it! (Ps I remember my fairy/witch child magic stories too 🙂 )


  2. Alexis Chateau says:

    Current author here. The best way to write a novel is to start and keep going. You can always go back and rewrite and edit it to perfection, which is much better than a blank page. I think that’s why a lot of writers go for Nano.

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