30 Disney Questions Tag


I found this fab tag over on jacobreviewsshow.wordpress.com and after a busy and quite tiring day, there’s nothing better than a bit of Disney.

1. Favourite character? Stitch
2. Favourite princess? Ariel
3. Favourite heroine? Merida, because she’s going for her OWN hand.
4. Favourite prince? Eugene Fitzherbert
5. Favourite hero? Hercules
6. Favourite animal? Lucky the Dalmation
7. Favourite sidekick? Vanelope
8. Favourite villain? Ohh that’s a toughie gut instinct says Ursula, evil but with fabulous lipstick choice.
9. Favourite original character? Aren’t they all original characters?
10.Favourite song? Part of Your World
11. Favourite villain song? Poor Unfortunate Souls.
12. Least favourite song? In Summer from Frozen
13. Favourite kiss? Ariel and Eric when they FINALLY kiss!
14. First movie I ever saw? The Lion King I think, it came out the year I was born 🙂
15. Favourite classic? Cinderella, the classic love story.
16. Least favourite classic? Bambi, that ONE scene.
17. Favourite Pixar movie? Toy Story
18. Least favourite Pixar movie? Cars, so, so boring.
19. Favourite sequel? It’s between Toy Story 2 or Little Mermaid 2.
20. Overrated movie? Frozen, I’m sorry! It’s good BUT I don’t think it’s as good as everyone made it out to be.
21. Underrated movie? Robin Hood, fab movie.
22. Movie that makes me laugh? Tangled
23. Movie that makes me cry? Toy Story 3, I cried like a baby
24. Favourite scene from favourite movie? Hmm, I think the scene where Ariel sings Part of Your World.
25. Saddest death? Bambi’s Mum. That was pure evil.
26. Favourite quote? You’ve Got a Friend in Me
27. Favourite theme park? Magic Kingdom, because it’s a classic.
28. Favourite themed attraction? Ohh Definitely the Toy Story Mania ride!
29. Favourite show? I’m much more of a parade girl
30. Favourite love song? Can You Feel The Love Tonight

What do you love about Disney? Make sure to tag me in your replies!

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