Easter Haul 2016!


Hello you lovely lot! I hope everyone had a chilled Easter weekend, I did take a bit of time off from the blog to spend time with family and friends, including watching one of my oldest friends get drunk on his 23rd birthday last night. So I’ll hold my hands up and admit that this blog is a little late but I hope you can all forgive me.

Now, my Mum is a big kid, any and every holiday is a big deal so are birthdays and just any celebration. This year she warned us she might have gone a ‘little overboard’ on our annual easter egg hunt. Ali still finds it hilarious that at the age of 21 I’m still so competitive with my little sister. As well as the hunt we have a lot of family and get easter eggs from them too, so much chocolate and my will power is wavering.

In the end I got 8 eggs for easter, I have about 12 creme eggs around, various little bits and pieces, a Star Wars mini egg,big and small Kinder eggs, a Terrys Chocolate Orange, Mini Eggs, Oreo Eggs, Caramel egg and some Hello Panda Biscuits. Phew. Now, I could be a little piggy and eat them all to myself shouting ‘sod the diet’, but I’m not. I’ve shared some of it with Ali so far and plan to share more and I went back to the gym today and enjoyed it.

More than anything I think Easter is such a chilled holiday, I’m not religious at all so for my family it quite literally is chocolate day. I loved being at home and spending time with my family, I know these eggs are going to have to keep me motivated to finish all the assignments I have to get done before May 3rd. Being around them all certainly calmed me down a bit about everything I have to get done but now it’s over and I’m back to work!

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