Hometimes and Migraines


I know that I’ve been very all over the place with my blogs, all of the social media. Life in general has been a bit all over the place with everything that’s going on, my body still getting itself set up after being poorly, having a nightmare Dissertation to finish, assignments piling up and trying to tackle work alongside it. So when my Mum offered to come back pick me up on Wednesday instead of me having to drive back, of course I said yes.

While I’m so pleased to be at home, I haven’t exactly had the most restful time. My first night I left my door open, thinking the cat could come in and out, maybe cuddle him a little. What I didn’t bank on was the dog (who isn’t small by the way) deciding she’d rather share a bed with me, cute. The only problem with that is that Lottie will start small, curled on the end of the bed like a little angel then spreads out. As well as that, the cat was running around and meowing for cuddles. Then the dog ate the cat food, the cat freaked out and when I looked up it was 4am. Not great.

The next night my door was firmly shut, Mum had the animals in with her, I was going to get a good night’s sleep, get up in the morning and go for breakfast. Yes. More like no. I spent most of the night clutching my head just wanting to sleep, woke up with the same headache before realising it was a migraine and remembering I’d forgotten my migraine tablets. Oh. I always get them through lack of sleep, it’s the one thing that is sure to give me a migraine and it leaves me on my ass.

Now I’ve only got tonight and tomorrow night at home and while I’m a bit irritated that I left my tablets and have been migrainey, I loved having my family around me, my crazy pets. If Ali and my Hammies were here too I’d just fully relax. Despite everything crazy that is going on around me I’m grateful that I’ve got at least some stability somewhere in the crazy. Hopefully the migraine will leave me to enjoy my final full day at home!

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