5 Alternative ways to have a great Friday Night if you have to stay in

As you all know I haven’t been able to go out much for the last 6/7 months so I’ve thought up 5 alternative Friday nights

  1. Have a cosy reading night 86a7840ab3cc07f4ebd84a819ba73115

Take a stack of books on your to-read list, multiple cups of tea and blankets sounds like a great night in to me. The only type of hangover I’ll end up with is a book hangover.

2. Movie Night! movie-marathon-the-notebook-despicable-me-footloose-Favim.com-637989

I’m not talking about any of the chick flicks in the picture. I’m talking a Harry Potter Marathon, a Star Wars Marathon that kind of thing!

3. Take Away chinese-takeaway-gorleston-on-sea-delivery

My new gym routine means I can’t have too many of these but I’m sure that would cheer most people up. Get on Just Eat and get what you’re craving.

4. Catch up with the people you love 2015-07-31 18.13.19

My Mum and I take all the time but my sister’s in school all day so we don’t get to talk as often, I’ve spent many a night catching up with my sister.

5. Catch up on some sleepIMG_5091

Because c’mon what’s better than sleep?


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