Back at the keyboard (finally)

Hello you lot, I’ve really been away from this keyboard too long. What’s been happening? Sickness, damn nasty viral, crappy sickness, that’s what. The bug caught up with me and knocked me for six. I was in bed all of the Monday and Thursday while spending the rest of the week feeling goddamn awful and going to bed at 8.30….yikes.

So I’ve just got back from home this afternoon and then dinner and drinks with Eleanor and her boyfriend Freddie, while not third wheeling. They’re a pretty awesome couple to hang out with their piss taking of each other reminds me of Ali and I..speaking of which. I’m writing to you from my flat waiting for Ali to get home after a long day airsofting (think paintballing but with BB Guns and a lot more equipment) so he’ll be tired and bruised more than likely when he gets back.

I’ve honestly missed blogging, I think other than the music this is the thing that I feel like I need to do, rather than want. I love to share my ideas and thoughts with you guys and I’m planning out some of the stuff that will come next like mental health features, uni tips and just the general experience which I never thought would be as fun as it is.

So now I have to upload a crap tonne of blogs I drafted for you all over the past weekish.

Speak soon!

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