Learning the ways of a horse rider!

Me and Josh 

Once Laura told me that once I’d caught the ‘riding bug’ I wouldn’t be able to stop, it turns out she was right. So I didn’t miss a ride this week and because I haven’t seen her in two weeks, I travelled to Dorchester to see her and meet the famous Josh, the horse she loves and adores. After 2 hours on the train and quickly getting changed I was off to the stables to learn as much as I could in a day.

Firstly an uphill walk to get Josh and meet the other horses and walk him down, which was my job. He turned out to be a lovely and calm horse, although totally obsessed with Laura. We had a job ahead of us, Josh was covered in mud, and so three shampoo washes and a good grooming later Josh looked beautiful and finally had a white tail! We had to wait a while for the school but finally I was allowed to ride him. Josh was amazing! Walk, off the lunge, trot and finally I got to canter! My first canter! It is honestly the most fun thing in the world. It also needs to be said that Laura is an incredible teacher! Hopefully I can take some of these back and help out with the lovely Rubey!

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