Geek Out! Lecture Life.

Ok maybe lecture life is a bit strong, seeing as I accidentally slept through my lecture this morning…oops/. Right now it is study, study, study, read, read, read, library, library, library. I’ve spent most of the day in the library being productive, which means I’m getting better, for the first time in a while I’ve gotten up and had a clear idea wof what I need to do.

So I waited around at uni for about 6 hours, to go to my tutors lecture and book launch on mobilities with Eleanor. IT was worthwhile, although I did get a bit confused it was nice to have something else to look into. I feel like while second year has a lot of work to do I’m not being challenged sometimes, I love research, I’m passionate about my course and I think third year is going to be excellent. It’s because of this I’m lucky to have Eleanor, she feels the same as me and she’s bloody brilliant for a good debate.

It was nice to go out with her and then discuss with the academics who also came to the lecture, it’s a part of uni that not many other people do. It might sound boring but sometimes you find yourself thinking about things that you wouldn’t normally. This is why I love academics, you can study English but end up doing History, Sociology, Β or a, so much. This is why I’ve ended up calling this post Geek Out, I’m a self confessed geek and hopefully one day (if I don’t end up going on world tour) I’ll end up getting paid for it.

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