Locked Out

For the first time since living with Ali I am locked out. I’m writing this to you all from the pub on their Wifi while I wait for Ali to make the hour long trip back to Kingston from Basingstoke. Why am I writing about something so boring? Because I am so bloody bored right now it’s unbelievable, I’d quite like to be curled up watching the Inbetweeners eating Ice Cream out of the tub, instead I’m taking shelter in Spoons, drinking alone, oh what an exciting life I lead!

I know the blogs been a bit bare lately, I have a tone of backdated uploads which I means to do Friday night but my laptop doen’t like the Wifi at my parents house. So there will be a lot to read as soon as I can go through and upload it all. Last week was pretty tough, changes have been made to my mental health plan and I’m just trying to adjust to them being in place at the moment, hopefully it will mean I get back to my normal self sooner rather than later.

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