Happy 21st Birthday Ali


Today one of the most important people in my life turned 21! I may have gone a little over kill on the presents but he’s had a damn good day and I finally don’t have to try not to blurt out what I bought him! Of course he had his Reading Festival ticket back in August but he also had Noel Fielding Tickets, T-Shirts, Giant Cookie (he’s not keen on cake), 21st Mug, Ferrari, custom made card and a photo of us for his desk…I did go overkill didn’t I? Oops. He also got a new guitar from his family, which is a very Ali milestone present.

For the people I love I write these long blog posts about why they’re so special to me, but with Ali I don’t feel the need. He’s my equally crazy, lovable, long haired, insanely intelligent other half. He’s my best friend. So in true Ali fashion I won’t write some long and loving letter on my blog, I’ll say it simply.

I love you.

Happy Birthday lovely, I hope you had an amazing day 🙂

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