It’s my birthday!!

I’ve waited for weeks but my birthday finally arrived. I saw the clock change to midnight and woke up five minutes before I officially turned 20 (6.55am) after being woken up by a text. Excited and a little tired I plodded into the living room after cuddles with Ali. I got phone calls from the majority of my family, I loved speaking to the little ones the most and then I just relaxed, embracing the calmness after a lot of work.

To say I’ve been lucky over the past 2 days is a huge understatement. I’m overwhelmed with the love, the messages, the presents, kindness of all the people around me who care. Messages came in at midnight, Ali stayed awake with me, 75 people wished me happy birthday on Facebook…I’ve come a long way and feel so happy.

As usual my mentor made me feel on top of the world before my Mum, Dad and Sister came to visit before going for dinner and dancing around the flat with my sister. I loved seeing them and as usual I was spoilt, with a huge cake, Pandora charm, PJs, Chocolate. I’ve received so many presents charms, perfume, gift vouchers, note book, clothes, candle, money and of course my Russell Howard tickets from Ali.

I had the boys here, Alyssa, Carly and got to go to the pub and then again out tonigh for my birthday mean and I’d been spoilt again and another cake at dinner.

I feel like my heart is about to burst with the love I feel and is humbled the right word? The emotion is overwhelmed and I am so, so lucky and happy right now.

I’ll leave you now with a few pictures while I savour just how lucky I am.



My Russell Howard tickets!



Family photo!



Cake from my Mum and Dad

My breakfast this morning tea and a mini cupcake! IMG_0362

Just some of my presents 🙂


Not a birthday without a balloon

My surprise cake from Dani and Amy



Son, me,Dani Maisha and Amy at my birthday meal! IMG_0371

More presents from tonight ❤

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