Girls evening L.O.N.D.O.N

I’e spent all of today around women and girls, starting with the morning with Mum and Sums and later on to meet the girl in central for drinks and dinner. A few months ago I went on my first girls night out, then girly day and now a girl night in the beautiful capital, probably my favourite place in the world. I’d bought a new dress (which had to be mended just before I left, thanks Mum!, wore heels in the Shard and although I would have been MUCH more comfortable in my jeans I had a lot of fun. 

I’m so proud of myself for going, I went on my own and came back on my own without being anxious and I managed to get through the evening with a clear head. It doesn’t sound like much but for me it’s a really huge step because it was pretty out of my comfort zone but now nobody can stop me! The girls are already talking about plans for London on my birthday and another meal (although booking ahead this time!!). The Shard, Leicester Square, Covent Garden, beautiful. 

Here are some of the best pictures from tonight, thanks girls I had a blast! 


Top of the Shard selfie !


Cocktail in Bella Italia, prices in the Shard were very pricey! 


That POUT! Me and the beautiful Dani 


Looking like the baby of the group despite being 2nd oldest! L-R Laura, Amy, Dani and me 


Some of the beautiful decoration in the bar we sat at


The view from floor 31! 

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