I miss uni – poem fun!


It’s been months since this picture was taken. MONTHS.

I’ve been staring in disbelief that I still have 2 more months of summer to go, as have all my friends on Facebook. As a little bit of fun I came up with this poem, enjoy! 

When term started, I thought I’d slave away 

Hours in the library then off to town to play. 

Of course there was work to do, from Marx to Foucault, 

I remember thinking ‘summer is a long way to go’. 


But then things became quite different, as we moved through the year 

My essays got longer but I still didn’t like beer. 

And s lectures started ending, it was still early spring

I started going out and everything! 


And when we came back for Easter it was nearly the end of the year, 

with just exams to go, in crept a bit of fear. 

I’ll have to go back to Mum and Dads!

No pizza at 3am or drinking games on the flat. 

But as we went on through, pushing our doubts away 

It wasn’t long until we had admit ‘I’m going home today’ 


And now we realise the summers still so long, 

for those of us not travelling watching Bargain Hunt’s not so wrong. 

We’ll sit and watch the calender, marking it off too,

move out of the way freshers!

Uni we’re coming for you!  

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