Ah Work!



Working the stall

Although it seems weird to some, I couldn’t wait to get back to work today. Up early and on the train before 8am and I was exhausted but I absolutely love my job and couldn’t wait to get back into it, it may be the last job I do for a while because of the summer holidays. 

Although it took a while for me to make sure I was at the right place I settled in and waited for the others, all was running smoothly. That was until I got a call to say they were stuck in traffic and could I handle the first part of the presentation on my own… Something happened at this point that made me very proud of myself, I said sure and threw myself into it. I stood up in front of a group of 17 year olds and started and I was okay! No panic attack, no negative thoughts just positivity. This means a lot to me because as you all know that’s not always my go to response. 

It wasn’t for long we finished the presentation and headed into the main hall for the stall in the heat. I wont carry on with every exchange and all that but it was so fun! I was paired with a great girl called Symone and between students we got to chat and get to know with each other, Student Ambassadors LOVE to chat.

All in all a fantastic day at work, I still can’t believe I’m paid to talk about something I’m so passionate about. I’ll miss the job over the summer as I didn’t get on the summer programmes unfortunately. Oh well onwards and upwards! Meanwhile I’m off to bed, I’m exhausted.  

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