A day in London with Mumma Bear

IMG_4260 IMG_4263 IMG_4265 IMG_4266

Just some of the pictures from today. 

Today I headed back into London for a trip with my Mum! I’ve been waiting for this for a few months as we decided to go on a big shopping trip after her birthday so that we had money to spend in the sales. That part didn’t go as to plan but I’ll get to that later. We had an absolutely amazing time and I was just laughing and smiling all the time. I was just as crazy as my mother for  change and despite trying on a load of clothes I didn’t feel low about my body which is a big change for me.

I know from my past experiences of sales shopping I can get pretty down about the whole thing because I don’t feel like I ‘look right’ in a lot of the newest fashions or I don’t know how to wear them, which sounds silly but some girls make it look effortless. Mum and I hardly found anything after getting through Oxford Street a lot quicker than usual, we then decided to walk to Hard Rock Cafe London. What looked online like a short walk was actually a very bloody long one, but we saw some of the beauty of London in the sunshine.

I love London, I love being able to see the history of a street in my mind as I walk past the old buildings. The heart of the city sets my imagination on fire! Would I live there? No, not in the centre I don’t think but somewhere like Kingston, Wimbledon, Richmond would be nice.

I treated Mum to a cocktail in Hard Rock as well as myself. Mine was so sour you couldn’t drink it quickly if you wanted too! It was nice to spend time with my Mum, treat her and have a laugh. She’s been through a lot with me and a lot of trips in the past haven’t been easy with me,  because of that I love to treat her.

After cocktails it was off to meet the lovely Joe who spent the afternoon with us in Leicester Square and Covent Garden. By this time though it was starting to get busy so after a wander around we headed back to BTown.

I have such an amazing day today and I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in a long time. This was just one thing I want to do for my Mum to say thank you to her being a rock. I love these days out we have now I’m older and can treat her…you’re still not getting a house in America yet Mum, I’ll have to earn a bit more first!

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