Yay Year 7s!



My teams dream university! 

I don’t think I’ve ever been on a uni bus so early in my life. I had to be at Kingston Hill by 8.30am which meant leaving pretty damn early after coming back late last night. I was pretty upset when I came back last night, even though I don’t have long to go until I move out it just put a downer on me I didn’t want to come back and be alone in my room again.

What made my day better was working as a student ambassador for Discovery Day! It’s kind of a big thing where school kids are invited in to come and see and experience university life. We got to take them on campus tours which were a game, a course game, quiz the ambassador and I loved it! The kids were really sweet and they were my little team. I ended  up with great reviews from the kids saying that I was great and fun and helpful.

That’s the reason I love schools and colleges work is because you can see how much the kids appreciate it. I don’t get that as much teaching because I can’t just be Chloe, I have to be Miss Metzger to them all. I have a lot of work with kids this week and I’m not sure how I feel after this great experience.

So after a quick nap Ali, Rhys and I headed to Five Guys for the last time. It was nice to catch up with the boys and get used to it being the three of us, we’ll need it for the summer when Rhys comes back with us!

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