Life at the Drive Thru

Although it’s not the most normal post to write tonight I did some sort of people watching while I was at McDonalds tonight. Ali and I have come back home for the weekend, together. There wasn’t a huge amount to report on today I’ve spent a lot of time curled up reading and relaxing a book that I wasn’t hugely pleased with but you win some you lose some.

So we got home quite late after Mum picked us up and decided after getting to mine I got to drive Ali home. He was nervous, as much as he wont admit it but I did fine and he actually enjoyed it, so much so we ended up at McDonalds at gone 10 and it was certainly interesting. The staff were sweet even if they forgot half my order and it was quiet enough so that we could talk. It was fun just to hang out like the old times, just the two of us.

Like I said people watching was also fun, although I think they were mostly stoners on their push bikes. Later I found myself wondering what they do, I went to school with some of the guys I recognised and just thought how different our lives were. A lot of people I went to school with are still in my home town, hang out at the same places and have the same friends and I realised that’s just not me. Like my songs mention I needed to get out of this town and go somewhere bigger, do bigger things.

That’s just some of my night time ramblings. It was just so nice to spend time with Ali and be able to spend time with him, come back to my own bed and relax. I think being home is going to both of us some good.

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