Here, There, Everywhere!

Now that I have a set of wheels no one can stop me. I will do anyone any favour and do absolutely anything to get out and about in the car. After going out with Summer yesterday she decided she wanted to come along with me today as well so being me I headed to one of the busiest supermarkets in Basingstoke. The reason? I felt like cake and in trying to find it last night I got lost. Off to Sainsburys it was (and I nearly got lost on the way there as well!). I bought the whole family cakes and then had to try and get out of the car park, not too difficult.

Then came the real challenge of the day, the pets at home car park crawling and with tiny spaces. Long story short I’m not that good at parking, it takes me a lot of practice and longer than most at the moment but eventually I will be able to park just as easily of everyone else…I hope. Pretty much the only way you can keep me out of the car is if it has no petrol in it…which hasn’t happened yet! I cant still get to grips with town centre in the evening but drive well enough in the day.

Watch out guys my Astra can take over the world! Or you know the M3…when I get around to tackling it anyway.

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