Bowling and Vodka Slush Puppies



After the excitement of yesterday and finally passing my test yesterday today was to celebrate after not having to teach tomorrow! It was kind of odd today walking around and seeing people driving around and thinking that now I could just do that now. I am legally able to just drive a car when I want now. I spent the day mooching around town, looking at gym memberships, losing my student ID and maybe spending a bit too much in Primark… Image

During slush time 

So before I went out I was close to wanting to nap but back up again and off to bowling with the boys and Sophie! Then the drinks started flowing and at first my scores were at the top tying with Dan, then I drank some more and more then the scores went down.. I ended up last but it was so much fun. Also the new discovery of Vodka Slushies was both mind blowing and incredible It was nice to laugh and joke around for an evening and just be happy and celebrate passing my test!

Then it was on to Spoons for chips and one more drink before Ali got me very drunkenly on a bus back to halls. It was one of the best nights sleep I’ve had in a long time!










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