Learning to sign

It’s been well over a month since classes ended and I’ve been starting to get to the point of boredom that I didn’t know existed. I’ve been reading constantly, watching old TV shows, sleeping and generally just wandering around. 

So I’ve started watching a new TV show called switched at birth on Netflix and one of the main characters and many of the supporting characters are deaf. I’ve always been fascinated with sign language and used to watch videos of sign language because I thought it was incredible. The way deaf people learn and the way they communicate with their hands, to me is just beautiful and so, so smart. 

So I’ve been looking into learning British Sign Language over the summer. It seems like something worth doing and who knows I could even help someone at some point. Although I’ve been looking at it it in regards to working and you need all kinds of certificates and masters and all that kind of stuff. So for now it’s hopefully just going to be something that I do and I’ll go for there. I’m hoping that by the time I come back to uni in September I’ll have my level 1 and be able to incorporate this into my work with disabled students! 

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