What’s daylight again??

Normally one of my top tips for anyone doing revision/exams is to hae a break every now and again, maybe go outside and get some fresh air. Ali and I have definitely broken that this weekend, after getting to his flat over 24 hours ago we haven’t left. If we’ve left the room it’s been to go to the kitchen although we’re not cooking tonight, chicken it is! Why you may ask? This is what happens when you get stuck on assignments over Easter, while I have a few more days to work on my final Debates in Literature essay Ali has until Monday…

Fear not! I’m encouraging him and he’s working hard on the assignment and believe me this one is a doozy! 3000 words, I looked at the title and gave a wimper myself. All my friends on the music tech course seem to be feeling the same and it wouldn’t surprise me if the library stayed very full until that 11am deadline on Monday. So now I have to leave you all and get on before dinner arrives, wish us luck and hopefully we may see that thing they call the sun again at some point!

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