Hampton Court



Hampton Court Palace 

I’ve been moaning on about wanting to go to Hampton Court since I moved to Kingston. After driving past countless times I decided I’d take my sister, who’s never been before. I’d been when I was at primary school, about 10 (eek!) years ago but wanted to go again because it looks so stunning. So on the train (and it was a damn long train) to Surbiton and then on to Hampton. I was worried my sister wouldn’t enjoy it, she’s not a geek like me but it turned out she enjoyed it even more than me. 

Surprisingly. she loved looking at the portraits, the painted ceilings and asking me lots of questions and listened when I explained things to her about Henry VII and his queens. It was fun although it didn’t take very long to get around and most of our time was spent getting lost in the gardens, looking for a way out and going in and out many times before coming back in. 




Some of the intricate detail of the ceiling 




We even managed to find a Tudor version of our dog, Lottie.Image

One of the gardens 


Although we were only there for a few hours, Summer really enjoyed herself and I’m already planning our next day out! There are so many things we can do and I’m wondering if she’d like the gallery seeing as she was so interested in the paintings. 

It was nice to spend some time with my sister today laughing having fun. We ended up going into central and heading to Hamley’s, so got a really cool sticker set (I’m slightly jealous and now want one too) where you make them and they’re shiney and stuff. I also took her to Carnaby Street and we took a walk around. I can’t wait to do more things like this as she gets older. All in all a lovely day but I’m shattered now, bed for me! 


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