Driving…myself mad

I’ve finally got back in my car. I thought yes, finally, this will be great! It was slightly different than that. I get nervous when I drive, especially when I’m not used to using my car and when I have my Mum as a passenger. Now you all know how much I love my Mum but having her as a passenger would drive anyone mad, you see she…worries.

I’ve been going out pretty much every day since I’ve been feeling better and my confidence is building and I’m getting more adventurous. Well when I go out with Dad I don’t really have a choice but to be adventurous we go just about everywhere in and around Basingstoke in all conditions, so you could say I’m learning a lot. With that in mind Mum isn’t as worried about letting me drive as she used to be.

Either way I am dying to pass my test now, having only failed last time because I didn’t overtake a cyclist I know I can pass next time and now Mum has seen me drive again she’s pretty certain as well. Even if I don’t drive again for months once I pass I just want that certificate and a license and then I’ll be happy, so, so happy. For now I just have to go slightly mad over it all, such fun!

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