Flat View number 2

To say I’ve found flat hunting stressful is an understatement. I’ve done all the right things, gone to the talks, done the research and I still get stressed, worried and nervous. Today was our second flat viewing as a couple, third overall. I really wanted this one to be the one our future home, apparently not so much. 

The location was okay, between both of our campuses and it was above a shop, seemed good. Up and early to view and on our first room it seemed promising, two bedrooms (one for our bedroom, another for a study and it even had a lounge which we weren’t expecting. Then we went into the bathroom and kitchen, I didn’t like them but I thought with a clean I might be able to make it work, although honestly something didn’t feel right. Then I found out the people moving out were second years, I asked them to honestly tell me why they weren’t interested in staying (the rent’s very reasonable), at first they didn’t want to say then we got the truth, damp. A lot of damp which get’s painted over. 

I’m asthmatic so that wasn’t going to work, although after complaining to the office who gave it to us we were told they were ‘sure it would be sorted’ before we move in. Nuh uh, no way. Right now I’m feeling pretty confused about it all, I just want to find somewhere to live. 

Now it’s going to be a lot of looking online and hopefully we’ll find somewhere eventually. 

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