Getting close to the end

There were so many things I can begin to cross off my to do list today. Over the last few days I’ve noticed a few changes in myself, in a good way. It’s nearing the end of my first working year at university, despite the official end of the year being in June all my classes will be done in 2 weeks come Friday. I have deadlines coming up, which a few days ago I was really stressed about on top of the whole evacuation thing. Today, however, I got some great news which really changed how I feel. I have 75% of both Creative Writing modules done and ready to submit, all of my Writing and Rhetoric module and then I only have my Debates work which is yet to be set. 

I’m not writing this to sound smug, I’m genuinely pleased with myself. I’m going to be done with all my work by the end of easter and I’m hoping I can use the rest of that time to work, spend time with friends and hopefully get into London a bit more. I’m also hoping to spend a bit more time working making myself feel good before heading home. I spent today really happy after good feedback and I felt confident enough to go into town and try on some new clothes, my new statement t-shirt ‘controversial’ and treated myself to a few magazines and lunch. I really enjoyed it and It made my good mood last for the majority of the day (until I hit a tiredness wall). 

It might not be a huge move for today but I loved just feeling happy and comfortable on my own, which I normally find really difficult. I’m vary aware that this blog might be boring…sorry I don’t have much more to report! Right now I’m looking forward to curling up and watching How I Met Your Mother, I’m exhausted.

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