Damn you public transport, damn you!

After all the chaos in the UK over the past few days with the bad weather a normal person would have expected some delays so getting to the train station the slight delay was actually welcomed (we were running later than we thought after the buses were running late again). Then the delay turned into half an hour, then and hour and then two hours, all in the space of about 20 minutes. A lot of other trains were being cancelled so Ali and I decided to try and get a train via Woking before the rest of them were cancelled.

To put it lightly the UK doesn’t handle weather very well. If it rains, it floods and then the country stops. If it snows, we get stuck and the whole country stops. If it gets too windy, everything goes down and the whole country stops, we don’t even escape this in the summer months it’s a heat stroke crisis (us Brits don’t fare too well with heat either)…or more flooding.

We got home eventually. After getting to Woking and more trains being cancelled, thankfully we were one of the few who could get home. It’s a nightmare, half my home towns flooded, the riverside in Kingston is more of the same. I’m hoping whilst we’re at home we might eventually get some sunshine…

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