The stresses of being a productive person

Sometimes I really wish I was a lazy person. I wish I was someone who could have spend all day cured up watching films and generally not caring about the thing I had to do today but no, that’s not me. I got up earlier than I need to went food shopping, done my reading, made lunch, phoned people, read some more, finished an assignment. The truth is I don’t really relax I keep going and going, my mind has to be active or I get bored and frustrated.Β 

The majority of this is just what I’m like when I get stressed r have a lot to do, another part is my anxiety. I make myself carry on no matter how tired I am or if I’ve eaten. As you can guess it doesn’t do me any good and sometimes Ali or my Mum intervenes and makes me take a nap or listen to some music or read a book simply because I enjoy it. I want to be able to calm myself the hell down! It might be something I can work on this week, trying to relax. I don’t mean that I don’t have things to do but in the evenings I might just try and curl up with a good book, something I started yesterday.Β Other than buzzing around all day there’s nothing really to report, life’s the same as it was yesterday. I’m looking forward to a new week after the last one, stress doesn’t even cover it!Β 

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