I’m back!…now what?

After the fun and games of my mind going into overdrive yesterday I’m finally back at uni. After buying what felt like half of Tescos this morning (thanks again for that Mum, you always seem to remember what I actually need), I got driven back and well here I am. I’ve been back 5 or 6 hours now and I’m bored out of my miiiiiiind. It’s not that I don’t have things to do, I really need to crack on with an absolutely awful assignment I’m meant to hand in Wednesday, but things seem odd in halls. I can’t hear drunken screaming or shouting across the car park, it feels a little like a ghost town. 

I’m not stupid enough to believe that this quiet will last in Seething Wells. Student Loads will go in tomorrow and the partying will begin again, only I can’t because I have driving Tuesday morning…score. For now, as much as I hate losing sleep, it doesn’t feel right around here, it’s all too quiet and I have nothing to do. I apologise for the short blog post tonight, hopefully I’ll have more to talk about tomorrow…

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