Cuddles and old friends



My God Daughter Lexi and I having long awaited cuddles 


Almost two years ago I was asked to be God Mother to a beautiful little girl. When I got into Kingston and my friend Lucy got into Winchester to study Law it meant we’d be seeing a lot less of each other and I had to say goodbye to Lexi for a little while. Today I finally got to see her! With cuddles all around I’m definately still winning in the non biological auntie game! While she picked out her Hello Kitty puzzle in the toy shop I couldn’t believe how much she’d grown in the past few months. That tiny little baby I used to carry around was now becoming a confident little girl, still smiling just as she did when she was tiny. I may not get to see Lucy and Lexi as much as I want too but when I do I come home laughing.

As well as big girl cuddles with Lexi, I also got to have other cuddles today. Another one of my friends (a different Lucy) gave birth to a lovely baby girl last week and I was asked if I wanted to come over and meet her. It’s been a while since I have been around tiny babies (the last one was Lexi!) but I didn’t have to worry, Skylar is the most relaxed baby I’ve met. She slept through my whole visit, only waking up when she had to be changed. I loved catching up with Lucy and to see her so happy with this tiny little girl, it also made me proud too that she’s doing such a great job. Between the two Lucys I’m really lucky that I get two babies to play with! The best part? I can give them back 😉 Only kidding, I love being an auntie/God Mother/friend but it can stay at just that for now. 

Tonight I got to go out and see some old college friends with Ali. We do it every time we come back for a holiday, although there always seems to be people missing it’s still good fun. Best of all I got to see my friend Nicole, she’s just released a beautiful song called butterflies, listen to it here (the hyper link button isn’t working!). Tomorrow I should probably pack and get ready to head back, but I’ll think about that later.

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