The busiest Saturday of the year…apparently

I woke up today with a mix of happiness and dread. Today is the last Saturday before Christmas, which means the start of panicked shopping (although I expecting Christmas Eve to be really busy) we were warned that this would be the busiest Saturday of the year, followed by the busiest shopping day of the year (Monday). So I headed into work expecting 5 hours of pure stress, I was pleasantly surprised.

Today was just like any other Saturday in December, it wasn’t better or worse in any way but it wasn’t horrendously busy. Ok, thinking about it maybe it was if you were a customer. I had a pretty average day at work really, I had to smile so much that I vowed I could scowl at everyone for the rest of the day. I ended up smiling instead and I’m curled up in Ali’s room absolutely exhausted.


Night all!

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