10 Things to know when you move in to halls

So here are some things they don’t plan on telling you..

1.  Your contract is now your bible 

It’s the old ‘you break you buy’ policy when you get into halls. Read through your contract before you move in to check what you need and what you don’t. It’s also a good idea to know what is banned in halls, I had some really odd ones this year such as fairy lights. Another handy tip is to take pictures of any marks as soon as you move in. That way if something has been missed you can’t be charged at the end of the year.

2. Think about what you NEED to bring and can you bring more up later?

You only have so much room so try not to bring everything. If you don’t live too far you may be able to go home and get things, if not you could always bring things back after Christmas break.

3. Have money spare

There is always something you forgot/want/need oh and there is also the possibility of there being issues with student finance (this is not a joke I now people who still haven’t had any money though in November). Even £50 could really do you a favour in an emergency.

4. Your flatmates don’t have to be your best friends 

I got quite lucky with my flat mates, we don’t want to kill each other just yet. I do, however, know people who hate their flat mates because they are so different (some Uni’s try and match you up…I don’t think Kingston went down that route). Just remember you only have to deal with them for a year and if it gets really bad talk to your halls management or someone at the uni about how you feel, someone might want to switch!

5. Make sure everyone knows where they stand

This is key in living with strangers, we have a ‘flat agreement’ that was sent around where everyone writes down their preferences over certain issues. Also if you have a problem try and talk to the person! One of my flat mates had to call home at really odd times, after I spoke to her she said she had no idea I could hear and she would try and keep it down. We now get on great!

6. Buy earplugs, or insomnia is your best option

For the first 6-8 weeks of uni I didn’t sleep very well at all. Constant noise, a new place and taking everything in were to blame in my situation. I didn’t think to buy ear plugs and I don’t know if they would work for me but take some with you just incase…you don’t know who you’ll end up living with.

7. Make your room feel like your home 

I found this really dificult but it is important to make the room your own. Bring pictures, stuffed animals, books etc to make you feel more at home. If you like being cluttered then so be it as long you you feel comfortable in your environment.

8. Only bring a few sets of knives and forks 

Trust me, if you don’t you wont wash up until it gets to a small mound and you have to spend ages getting it all done. I brang 3 sets, enough for people to come over but not enough so that I can be extra lazy.

9.Your room is going to be small…no matter how big it looks in pictures 

We all found this out the hard way, I know two people who got bigger rooms than they expected out of EVERYONE. My room is absolutely tiny and often feels messy when I do the slightest thing, another reason to think about what you need to bring.

10. People do stupid things

You learn this eventually. Sometimes it’s funny other times you wonder how the hell they going into uni in the first place.  You have to remember that you don’t need to be the idiot…it’s much for fun to laugh at them.

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