A different kind of Halloween…

Many of you will have headed out to Halloween parties tonight dressed as many different things (hopefully not as a slutty pumpkin, sorry I couldn’t leave out the How I Met Your Mother reference). I, however, spent my Halloween a little differently to how I normally would. After going to the kids party last night I decided to be a good big sister and cousin and watch them at Tae Kwon Do. It was just my luck when we arrive that they said they would be playing Halloween games most of the night instead, brilliant. So I spent most of my Halloween night in a car park with my Mum trying to get used to driving again. 

In other more interesting news I got my nose pierced today, with my friend Sammy by my side, to match my new hair colour. I’ve wanted to do this for quite a long time and to answer what seems to be everyone’s question, yes it did hurt. I quite like the way it looks though despite having to wipe blood from my nose every 20 minutes, who knows maybe this is the start of a new, slightly more rebellious, me! 




The beautiful Sam and I before I had my nose done. Image

My beautiful new piercing and smudged eyeliner from my eye watering after…

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