Finally Getting my A*

After months of hard work I finally got the phone call I had been waiting for, my EPQ ‘ The Presentation of African American women in post 1900s Literature, had been marked wrong I now officially have an A*!!! For some people it wouldn’t matter as I already got into uni but for a girl who was told she would never get anywhere after school this is a huge step. I don’t want to put a downer on this post and talk about the bullying so I’ll just say I’ve proved a lot of people wrong. After a few doubts this has given me the confidence I needed about uni, I can do this!!!

The day of my leavers ball, I’m smiling because I’d already left but the best was yet to come I got 13 GCSE’s and  2 other qualifications in Spanish and Business.

Me now, watch out Kingston I’m coming to get that degree! 

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