5 things you need to know about depression (Mental Health Week 2013)

This week it’s Mental Health week and as someone with a mental illness I thought it might be a good idea to let you know what I feel you need to know. Today I’m writing about depression which I feel is a very misunderstood illness so here you go!

You can still be/ appear to be happy 

Ok so this is  common problem, which I believe led to me being diagnosed so late. People think that everyone with depression lie in bed all day, don’t go out, don’t talk to people etc. This is definitely NOT true, if anything most people are the opposite of this. From my experience you get very good at hiding your feelings when you don’t have a choice. On the other hand however a lot of people have good days and bad days, ok so your good days arn’t amazing but it’s still a good day. I’d go from a week of hyperactivity to having a low but I still had to go to college and work. You can still be happy or people can fake being happy, it’s just the way this illness works.

Not everyone self harms 

 Again another stupid thing that has gone round. Everyone handles depression differently and unfortunately some people do self harm but don’t judge everyone!!

You’re not a  ‘broken’ person 

 I hate it when people assume you’ve had a shit life so your depressed. Depression can affect absolutely anyone for a variety of reasons and triggers. People with depression are as normal as anyone else they’re just having a difficult time right now.

We’re NOT ‘Emo’s’

 Nope still not emotionally unstable. We don’t sit around listening to ’emo music’ and doing nothing else. Some of the most successful people in the world have had depression, does that change your mind?

90% of the time you can’t see it

 Most of the time depression is an invisible illness, sometimes even the people who have it don’t know. That said don’t assume that they don’t hurt just as much as someone with a physical illness. There were so many times at school that I wish it showed how much I was hurting on my skin so people would understand.

That’s my little insight for you I hope it helped!

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