A change of plans and a hospital visit

Today’s blog post will be short and sweet. I’ve ended up back in Basingstoke again!!!! This time not by choice ๐Ÿ™ I had to go to the emergency clinic at Kingston hospital today as I have quite a nasty kidney infection, it’s painful to say the least. This is more of a quick note to say thank you to so many people from today. My best friend Bekkie who helped me get to the hospital and stayed with me despite hating them herself, my flatmate Christie who made sure I was ok and who’s going to sort out my kitchen stuff, to the lovely staff at Kingston hospital for looking after me so thoroughly, my lovely boyfriend for being so understanding and sending me funny pictures in the waiting room. Last but not least to my parents who drove up straight away to come get me and make sure I’m ok. So as annoying as it is to be ill it is kind of nice to be back at home but I just want to be at uni!!!!!

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