A Freshers Tale


Long ago in a  city far, far away lived a fresher living on Cider, Toast and Baked Beans..

Ok so that isn’t how my story is going to start (well hopefully not, I’m not that keen on bean on toast). My name is Chloe if you’ve been following this blog or my other blog (www.ihadtobuyanotherbookcase.wordpress.com) you may know a little about me. I’m an 18 year old student, in Sptember I’ll be accepting the slightly dizzying challenge of starting university in a city I don’t know.  I decided to start this blog for myself and other freshers, I’ve scoured the internet for advice and thought I could take a crack at it.  In 13 days I will attend my enrollment and become a full time student at Kingston University London (which is actually Surrey as well but is mainly classed as London). I’m studying English Literature and Creative Writing (yeah think about THAT reading list when you are buying your own!), something which I find absolutely fascinating, I can’t wait to start.


There is another reason I wanted to start this blog and it’s something that isn’t widely spoken about. In July 2013 I was diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety meaning that some aspects of education are a little bit harder. The main thing I want to come out of this is an understanding of people like me. I’m not the worst, I’ve seen people in a far worse situation but at the same time I have seen stigma towards anyone who says they have a mental illness.  I have been bullied on and off from the ages of 11 – 18, now I finally feel that I’ve found a place that accepts who I am and where I want to be. Although I’ve been suffering with the illness for 3/4 years I want to make it clear that for many people their illness is a small part of them and although it will be a common part of this blog it is not the only part of me. 

For example 

  • I’m a writer 
  • I’m a musician 
  • I love creating stories 
  • I want to travel 
  • I love to study 

I want this blog to do two things. 1, change at least one persons perceptions of mental health and 2, be somewhere where students can just have a flick through and just ask me any questions! 


Honestly give me a comment and I’ll be happy to chat! 

Thank you for reading and look out for my daily updates! 


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