Miley Cyrus, Rock and Roll or a Cry for help?


Now it would have been nearly impossible to miss what happened at the VMAs last night. As Miley Cyrus rampaged across the stage with a far from safe routine. The star (above) famous for her role as Hannah Montana went on to strip off into a small and tight fitted outfit, before rubbing herself against singer Robin Thicke and posing suggestively with a foam finger. Frankly I found Cyrus’ performance humiliating and reminiscent of one of Britney Spears meltdowns before she was finally taken away from the spot light (with possible rumor that the star had been suffering from Bipolar Disorder for a long time). There have been rumors that the new and ‘grown up’ Miley has been taking drugs since the break down of her relationship a few months ago. Although nothing has been confirmed her recent performance is bound to raise some eyebrows, as the ‘good girl gone bad’ shows no shame over her performance posting more naughty pics on twitter.

It is not Miley that I am worried for, of course if this is a cry for help people must try and help her before she truly damages her career, instead it is her fans. I myself have a twelve year old sister and many younger cousins who adored Miley’s character Hannah Montana and closely followed her music career. It is stunts like this however when I feel that Miley has forgotten not only her fans but her past. It has merely been a few years since squeeky clean Miley hung up the star spangled Montana boots, her fans are still at a very young and impressionable age where stripping into scraps of clothing and dry humping a fellow pop star could cause issues.  It seems that it is not only Cyrus’ fans are embarrassed and shocked by her performance. Fellow music stars seemed to be appalled by her antics as pictures emerged of  shocked stars such as Taylor Swift, Rihanna and One Direction. In some pictures stars seem to be laughing at the young pop star and her antics. Although this is something we’ve seen before one reporter describes Cyrus as ‘making Madonna look like a nun’.

To me this in’t a case of feminism as many people are clinging on to, it is a case of a young girl being exploited. If you think about it this can not be all of Miley’s doing, these routines and events are planned for almost an entire year meaning someone at the top has a lot to answer for. It is simple enough if Miley wanted a new image being stripped away from Disney (which she most definitely has now) however it is simply not good enough that the girl was dry humping a fellow married musician. For one what must her parents think? She is now being paraded around as one of the sluttiest girls in the world and I’m sorry but it is repulsive. There is a difference between expressing yourself and using a foam finger in that way!

Chloe Metzger

I do not own the photograph in this picture.

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