Blogmas 2020 - A Catch Up

Blogmas 2020 – A Catch Up

Believe it or not we are now half way through Blogmas and almost half way through December – I know, it’s gone super quickly. So, I thought it would be a great idea to do a catch up of all the posts I’ve written so far, just incase you’ve missed one or two – I know I haven’t been able to keep up with all the posts this year!

Blogmas 2020 – Festive AF

My introduction to Blogmas this year with the reasoning that if we’ve ever needed cheering up, it’s definitely this year.

The Bookish Naughty or Nice Tag

Looking back at the reading year and seeing if I deserve to be on the naughty or nice list! Eeek!

What I Read In November

All the books I read this month, a short but sweet one!

10 Small Businesses My Followers Want You To Know About

I asked, they answered and gave me an excellent list of recommendations, so far this has been my most popular post of Blogmas by far.

My Christmas Wishlist

Just a few things I’ve popped on my Christmas list this year. Do I need more books, no. Is half this list books? Yes.

Unpopular Christmas Opinions 2020 Edition

You loved them in 2019, so I came up with some more in 2020 – you have been warned!

How To Save Spoons Over Christmas

Fellow Spoonies, this is for you, because I don’t know how the rest of you feel but I am EXHAUSTED.

Bah Humbug Christmas Tag

A little bit of festive themed ranting. 😉

My Most Listened To Songs Of 2020

What I’ve been listening to on repeat this year – there is a lot of awesome women on this list.

My Top TV picks of the year

This year we had a TV and, well, apart from reading there wasn’t an awful lot to do during lockdown, so I picked some of my faves.

Giving Myself A Break

Taking a break, and not being too hard on myself.

We still have another 10 days of blogmas and while I have my ideas, I may completely change my plans, who knows?

Who have been your favourite bloggers or vloggers so far? Let me know in the comments below!

Blogmas 2020 – Giving Myself a Break

Ho, ho, hello!

I think it’s about time I took some of my own advice. If you read one of my most recent posts about how to save spoons over Christmas , you’ll know I said it was important to ask do I really need to do the thing? And be compassionate to yourself. Those are things I haven’t exactly been doing myself.

In the past week we’ve been in the process of moving house (we couldn’t renew thanks to covid destroying the events industry overnight). So, for the time being we’ve move in with family, while other member have taken some of our stuff into storage, helped us out etc. Physically and emotionally it’s been draining.

I initially planned to have most of my Blogmas content written nice and early so I did’t have to much to think about – now it’s the 13th December, I’ve missed 2 days and I was feeling rather shit about myself. I’ve kept my head above water in 2020 just about but now I feel absolutely battered.

While I was worrying that I wasn’t posting I had to stop myself, why was this one of the things I was beating myself up over? Actually, there’s a lot of things on the list I should probably stop being mean to myself about because no matter what depression tells me, most of the time it’s not actually my fault. Global pandemic? Not my fault. Work being tricky because there’s less of it. Also not my fault. Having to leave home because of the implications of said pandemic – you guessed it. Not my fault.

I guess I’m writing this because I know there will be other people out there who are stressed. Who feel like everything is their fault and they could have done better or tried harder. That there are others who will fight anyone who makes their friends and family feel less but are their absolute worst critic.

Here’s the thing, no one is going to die if I don’t write a blog post. A terrible thing isn’t going to happen if I don’t post every day in Blogmas. Basically, I’m trying to give myself a break – which I don’t do often enough.

I hope if you’re reading this and are feeling the same way then it might bring you a little comfort to know you’re not alone.

Blogmas 2020 - My Top TV Picks Of The Year

Blogmas 2020 – My Top TV Picks Of The Year

So as my friends will tell you I am not the best at keeping up with TV shows, I still haven’t got up to date with The Boys, I’m always late to the party when it comes to new releases and I just don’t watch much. We only got a TV at the start of 2020 – that was a good decision by my fiancĂ© considering how much time we spent at home this year.

For once I can actually write about my TV faves because I have some, winner! Also just having the TV there has really helped, sometimes I’ll just put something on in the background or if I’m in flare then I can just watch something I don’t need to think about. Anyway, let’s crack on.

The Mandalorian

I was late to the game but GUYS I’m obsessed with The Mandalorian. Baby Yoda has my whole heart and makes me cry all the time because he’s just so damn cute. I adore this series. It’s so well written and even though season 2 isn’t finished I’m so excited for season 3.

The Crown

I thought this was a strong season of The Crown. There were some incredible episodes and I think the younger cast members have been brilliant and I really hope it gives them a platform to go on to big things in the future. I didn’t warm to Olivia Coleman as the Queen as much as I did Claire Foy but what can you do?

For All Mankind

My fiancĂ© got me into this and it was hooked. This is an alternative history, what if Russia put man on the moon first? It’s also got me really interested in Space – so much so that I have stolen his copy of the Tim Peak book. It’s on Apple TV but I think it’s well worth it.

Unsolved Mysteries

The Netflix reboot is fascinating and also frustrating because as the title suggests, they’re all unsolved. It’s great if you like coming up with theories though. There’s currently 2 seasons online and I am keeping everything crossed it gets renewed for season 3.

Miss Americana

Another Netflix watch but this time a documentary. I’ve been in and out of love with Taylor Swift since I was in my teens. I wasn’t keep on Reputation as an album but she won me back with 1989 and Lover, and Folklore is stunning. This documentary showed and entirely different side to her and I could appreciate her as a person and an artist. It’s definitely worth a watch and the song that she released with it Only The Young is brilliant.

What have you been watching in 2020? Give me your recommendations below!

Blogmas 2020 My Most Listened To Songs Of 2020!

Blogmas 2020 – My Most Listened To Songs Of 2020!

So, unlike Spotify, Apple music doesn’t do a breakdown of what you’ve listened to with cool stats and stuff but they do give you a rewind playlist with the songs you’ve listened to most this year. There’s a bit of a mix this year but only a handful surprised me.

There has, of course, been a lot of Taylor Swift because Folklore was the perfect album to listen to when I needed to let my feelings out. There’s also been a lot of Katy Perry’s Smile for when I needed a pick me up to dust myself off. In general there’s a lot of kick ass women on this list with uplifting songs. Here they are (also they’re written how they’ve been promoted because apparently all the Folklore titles were in lower case?)

betty – Taylor Swift

this is me trying – Taylor Swift


Good as Hell (ft Ariana Grande) – Lizzo

invisible string – Taylor Swift

the last great american dynasty – Taylor Swift

I Love Me – Demi Lovato

Daisies – Katy Perry

You should be sad – Halsey

7 Rings – Ariana Grande

peace – Taylor Swift

Not the End of the World – Katy Perry

London Boy – Taylor Swift

What makes a woman – Katy Perry

929 – Halsey

If The World Was Ending (ft Julia Michaels) – JP Saxe

epiphany – Taylor Swift

Never Really Over – Katy Perry

Truth Hurts – Lizzo

Paper Rings – Taylor Swift

Glorius (ft Skylar Grey) – Macklemore

the 1 – Taylor Swift

In Paris – Jay-Z & Kanye West

illicit affairs – Taylor Swift

Groove Is In The Heart – Deee-Lite

34 + 35 – Ariana Grande

Teary Eyes – Katy Perry

clementine – Halsey

killing boys – Halsey

Smile – Katy Perry

Strip (ft Sharaya J) – Little Mix

Wasabi – Little Mix

Not a Pop Song – Little Mix

Sweet Melody – Little Mix

Feeling Myself (ft BeyoncĂ©) – Nicki Minaj

You Need To Calm Down – Taylor Swift

WAP (ft Megan Thee Stallion) – Cardi B

mad woman – Taylor Swift

august – Taylor Swift

Cry About It Later – Katy Perry

I Like It – Cardi B, Bad Bunny, J Balvin

just like magic – Ariana Grande

I Don’t care – Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber

Motivate – Little Mix

Joan of Arc – Little Mix

Take Back The Power – The Interrupters

thank u, next – Ariana Grande

Graveyard – Halsey

Ashley – Halsey

Lover – Taylor Swift

needy – Ariana Grande

Hard Times – Paramore

3am – Halsey

positions – Ariana Grande

Heaven Is Under The Sun – Beta Play

Only The Young – Taylor Swift

Dancing In the Moonlight – Toploader

Finally // beautiful stranger – Halsey

The Man – Taylor Swift

motive – Ariana Grande

shut up – Ariana Grande

Confetti – Little Mix

Rose Colored Boy – Paramore

seven – Taylor Swift

cardigan – Taylor Swift

hoax – Taylor Swift

MONOPOLY – Ariana Grande & Victoria MonĂ©t

Only Love – Katy Perry

I Forgot That You Existed – Taylor Swift

Death By A Thousand Cuts – Taylor Swift

Rebel Rebel – David Bowie

Runaway – P!nk

Would You Be So Kind – dodie

Savage – Megan Thee Stallion

Please Me – Cardi B & Bruno Mars

Power (ft Stormzy) – Little Mix

bad guy – Billie Eilish

ME! (ft Brandon Urie) – Taylor Swift

Confident – Demi Lovato

Punks Don’t Dance – Crystalyne

The Boys Are Back In Town – Thin Lizzy

Champagne Problems – Katy Perry

In the Middle – dodie

Still Into You – Paramore

death bed (ft beabadoobe) – Powfu

Salute – Little Mix

Juice – Lizzo

If I’m Honest – dodie

Come and Get Your Love – Redbone

Soon You’ll Get Better (ft The Chicks) -Taylor Swift

Older – Sasha Sloan

Hold My Hand – Jess Glynne

Just a Girl – No Doubt

Hair – Little Mix

Tucked – Katy Perry

Without Me – Halsey

Woman Like Me (ft Nicki Minaj) – Little Mix

Supermarket Flowers – Ed Sheeran

The Wild One – Suzi Quatro

What were some of your top listens this year? Let me know below!

Blogmas 2020 Bah Humbug Christmas Tag

Blogmas 2020: Bah Humbug Christmas Tag

While on Twitter today I saw Cait post on Twitter asking who wanted to be tagged in a new book tag that she’s created, giving you a little bit of time to blow off bookish steam. I am IN! You can watch Cait’s video here and if you want to do this tag – consider yourself tagged!

1. What kind of cover art immediately turns you off of a book?

Film covers on books, there are few things I hate more than using a film cover as cover art. Vom. They are two completely different mediums.

2. What do you hate most on a book cover (not related to design)?

Printed stickers. If a book has won loads of awards, that’s great I just don’t need it printed on the front cover, add it inside, I don’t care.

3. When reading a synopsis, what could make you want to yeet the book across the bookstore?

Character goes back to home town after years away and XYZ happens. Snooze, boring, bye.

4. What trope makes you want to scream into the abyss?

Girl who’s described as ‘normal’ or ‘plain’ but everyone is attracted to her and really she’s so beautiful.

5. What book induces rage the moment it is mentioned in your presence?

Technically it’s a script that has been released as a book BUT The Cursed Child. I hate it so, so much. Everything is just awful and wrong.

6. What could someone say, when recommending a book to you, that could break your trust in them?

It was a Zoella book club pick! No, just no.

7. What author you would like to fight?

David Walliams.

8. What character would you like to dropkick?

Joffery from Game of Thrones, repeatedly.

9. If Goodreads was a person, what would you bully them for?

Being super strict on spelling. What a dork.

10. If you could ban anything (trivial) from all books forever, what would it be?

Love triangles WHEN THEY DON’T ADD ANYTHING TO THE STORY. I’m looking at you Hunger Games.

Remember to leave a link to your responses below!

Blogmas 2020 - How To Save Spoons Over Christmas

Blogmas 2020 – How To Save Spoons Over Christmas

Remind me who had the great idea of taking on Blogmas while also moving house? Oh yeah, that was me. You might have noticed that yesterday I didn’t post – oops! But I’m still determined to do 24 blog posts, even if they don’t go out on time. In 2020 I think there’s some wiggle room.

The fact that I’m posting this a day late is literally down to the fact that my Fibromyalgia royally screwed me over yesterday and I crashed. For the past few days no matter what I do I’m exhausted, fatigue is kicking my arse more than just a little bit – so, I actually need to take my own advice.

Try and plan in rest breaks

I *try* and plan a rest where I can, even if it’s an hours recharge nap, any bit of rest helps.

Keep yourself warm

For myself and most of my Spoonie friends, the cold makes symptoms worse. So, making sure you stay warm will help. Personally, I find layers the most effective because I can strip off if I find myself getting too warm (not like that, cheeky!).

Some other ways to stay warm include little heated pads to put in your pockets, hot water bottles, heated blankets, adding draft excluders to the house etc.

Ask yourself, do you really NEED to do the thing?

I know I usually push myself too far, normally it’s so I don’t feel like I’ve let people down. So, listen to the idiot that I am – ask yourself if it needs to be done. Does my flat need to look like a Christmas wonderland when we’re moving 2 weeks before the big day? No. Do I need to do a virtual meet up with friends every evening even though I’m knackered? No.

No is a magical word.

Set your own boundaries

Especially important this year is setting boundaries and they will be pushed. Know what you’re limit is and what you’re comfortable with. With the pandemic causing a lot of Spoonies to isolate or lockdown more than others know that it’s ok to set firm boundaries and stick to them.

Be compassionate to yourself

While in therapy this year, this has been one of the things that I’ve been working on the most. My inner critic is harsher than any person I’ve met in real life. I also hate admitting I can’t do certain things sometimes because of my disability.

So, I’ve been working on being more compassionate to myself and acknowledging that I’m doing the best I can do right now.

Ask for and accept help

I want to be as independent as possible, but that isn’t always how life works. This Christmas was always going to be one where I needed to ask for help (I was supposed to be getting married in a few weeks but it’s been postponed, thanks ‘rona). So when people ask if they can do anything I’m saying yes because, honestly, I’m exhausted right now.

What are some of your tips for fellow Spoonies? Let me know in the comments below.

Blogmas 2020 - Unpopular Christmas Opinions 2020 Edition

Blogmas 2020 – Unpopular Christmas Opinions 2020 Edition

Every now and again it’s good to get things off of your chest, including some unpopular opinions. Last year I posted some Christmas unpopular opinions and I thought why not do it again? So! here are a few things I think should be set straight. Also, these are for fun and aren’t meant to offend anyone!

Christmas dinner is overrated

There! I said it! Now, my Dad does do a great dinner BUT I’m not a massive fan of Turkey and it’s pretty much just a bigger roast dinner – I don’t get the hype?!

Cheese boards with Blue Cheese should be banned

It’s mouldy. MOULDY.

Not having to see absolutely everyone isn’t that bad

Ok, hear me out. One of the few silver linings of 2020 is not having something on every single bloody weekend from mid November to the end of December. In normal times you have to go to things you don’t want to, see people you’d rather not etc. Honestly? I’m down for it.

Elf on the Shelf is creepy

So, I know we do the whole Father Christmas/Santa thing but Elf on the Shelf is a whole other level. This creepy little elf man turns up, supposedly is a right little shit and destroys stuff but is reporting on whether kids behave? Nope, nope, nope.

Going out on Christmas Eve is weird

I’ve seen people going out to the pub or even going clubbing on Christmas Eve which is so weird to me. I can think of few things worse than waking up on Christmas morning with a hangover. Also don’t you want to be all tucked up in jammies chilling out and waiting to hear those sleigh bells?

Christmas TV sucks

When I was growing up I wanted to know what was going on in the soaps and watch all the specials now, there’s very few shows on across Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing day that make me want to turn on the TV. The exception to this was Gavin and Stacey last year and that’s because I love Gavin and Stacey.

Going out on New Years Eve is the worst

There is absolutely no part of me that wants to go out on New Years Eve. Everywhere is so, so busy, super expensive and full of drunk people. While I know this year is going to be different, on a regular year if anyone asks me to go somewhere other than a house party it’s a hard no.

What are some of your unpopular opinions? Let me know in the comments below!

Blogmas 2020 - My Christmas Wishlist

Blogmas 2020 – My Christmas Wishlist

My Mum asked me to write a Christmas list back in August, before I’d even had my birthday. Now, I struggled this year to write things down. We’re moving into a smaller place and most of my books and all of my Lego sets are packed away in storage for the forseeable future, so what on earth was I going to ask for?

I came up with a little list and you guessed it both of those things are on the list…oops!

General Bits

friends lego

Friends Lego Set

I’ve had my eye on this set for a while. I grew up with friends in the background (it literally started the year I was born) and it became a firm favourite, something I can have on whenever and still remember a lot of lines. I think it would be so fun to build the set!

Waterstones Voucher

I know for a fact a lot of my friends and families don’t want to buy me books because they don’t know what I’ve read and what I haven’t read. So I add a Waterstones voucher to my Christmas list. It’s also pretty fun popping to the shop after Christmas and being able to go to my local bookshop and ask my bookseller friends for their opinion.

They’re actually my friends by the way, that’s not me getting over excited.

Anything Dalmatian

101 Dalmatians has been one of my favourite films since I was in a high chair and made my Mum watch it every damn day. Recently Dalmatian’s seem to be ‘in’ but that is fine with me as long as they don’t do another remake, Glen Close was perfect as live action Cruella in 1999 and it’s the only live action Disney film I accept.

Clementine Gin from M&S

Ok, so three things. One – it’s Clementine gin, yum. Two – it has gold flecks and a Christmas theme. Three – it lights up!!! Need I say more? They also do another flavour but I can’t remember what it is. It’s so pretty!


I’ve got a fair collection going now so this was just a little add on – I don’t expect to get it but you never know!


Of course, I’m asking for books – what else would I ask for?

The How & The Why – Cynthia Hand

This has been on my want to read list for a while, it’s about a girl who was given up for adoption looking for answers and also about her mother at the same age and her life. Definitely looks like an emotional read.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo – Taylor Jenkins Reid

If you’ve followed my blog for a while you might be thinking hang on didn’t you already read that? The answer is yes and it’s one of my favourites so I really want a physical copy. Also, how beautiful is this cover?

The Dark Vault - V.E Schwab

The Dark Vault V.E. Schwab

I absolutely love V.E Schwab and I’m making my way through all her books. I hardly ever see copies of The Dark Vault and I’m intrigued by the concept. Also she’s become one of my auto-buy authors, I’ll read pretty much anything she writes.

House of Salt and Sorrows – Erin A Craig

I always try and add in some kind of fantasy on my wishlist, because who knows what you might find. Last year it was Serpent and Dove which has turned out to be a new series I love, so here’s hoping! This is loosely based on 12 dancing princesses but with suspected murder. I’m down.

What are you hoping for this Christmas? Let me know in the comments below!

Blogmas 2020 10 Small Businesses My Followers Want You To Know About

Blogmas 2020 – 10 Small Businesses My Followers Want You To Know About

This year has been all about supporting businesses and helping them get through the tough times, as we approach Christmas I wanted to share the love with some small businesses!

I already had a few businesses I wanted to mention, but I also wanted to see what my followers thought. What I didn’t expect was over 50 responses (you can see the full thread here)! Picking 5 of them was tough but I’ve put some of my favourites below, all of which are UK based.

There are so many amazing businesses out there but I know due to funds it’s not always possible so if you can’t shop small right now I hope these are some that you can bookmark and keep in mind for later!

I want to note that I have not been given anything in exchange for posting about these companies. All of these have either been recommended by my Twitter followers or I have purchased from myself.

Liberty Things

If you’re looking for some adorable and quirky earrings then check out Liberty Things on Etsy. Gingerbread, Jammy Dodgers and some of my personal favourites – the Powerpuff Girls! One of my friends absolutely raves about this business and I can see why! You can pick yours up here.

Pencil Pencil

I’m a sucker for stationary and these are great! There are a whole variety of different quotes from films and TV shows, I really like the Back To The Future pencils. Others include Batman, Clueless and Drag Race – I wasn’t kidding when I said there is variety. You can shop here.

Izabela Nair

After 2020 I think we could all use some positivity and a bit of a boost, Izabela shared these great cards with me that give you a little bit of a pep talk or your own inspiration. I’m planning on getting some of these for myself when I can! You can buy your own box here.

Book Besties

I’ve had Book Besties on my radar for a while now but there are so many amazing fabrics to choose from I haven’t been able to decide which ones I want! Can we take a moment to just melt at Baby Yoda? He’s so cute! I will warn you book lovers you’ll want them all! Pick up bookish goodies here.

Twin Moon Supply

My regular followers know that I am a big Disney fan and these patches are ADORABLE look at them! I’m definitely adding the Neverland one to my wish list and Big Thunder Mountain because you can’t really go wrong with those two classics. You can shop some Disney goodness here.

The Clovelly Soap Co

Clovelly Soap Co is all about smelling divine with a range of soaps, candles and bath products. I’ve definitely got my eye on the set of candles above with Christmassy scents, mm mm mmm! For lovely smelly goodness, click here.

The Naughty Shrew

For those who are trying to do more for the environment you’re going to want to take a look at The Naughty Shrew. I was blown away by the sheer amount of eco friendly products available! You can find more of their products (including a great vegan range) here.

Annie Sews

Annie responded and put her shop forward and it is SO cute. A mix of sewn products and jewellery I absolutely adore this little rainbow! You can see Annie’s creations here.

Bubble Trouble UK

I’m all for finding good quality cruelty free bath bombs and fizzers and Bubble Trouble ticks both the boxes. They have some really cute Christmas creations too! If you’re in the mood for a fun bath take a look here.

Pink Alligator

I’ve actually known the owner of Pink Alligator since I was at primary school and it goes without saying Ciara has always been excellent with creating. After her normal job in theatre was shut during the pandemic she took to creating and I adore what she’s created. My favourite is definitely the eye mask above! Once I can I’ll be getting myself a few treats. There’s lots of different goodies here.

And some favourites from me

As well as my followers there were a few small businesses I’ve bought from recently that I wanted to share with you too!

Alyesa’s World

I now own 3 of Alyesa’s wonderful pins, these are a must have for V.E Schwab fans in particular (there are 2 different pins for one of my favourite books of the year The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue). There are also pins from other popular books and series such as Crescent City. You can see all the beautiful pins here.


I came across TreatBox through work and I LOVE these boxes! Whether you want to send a gift for a reason such as a new baby, Christmas gift or a birthday these are perfect. You can choose how many gifts and create a box that’s unique or pick one of the lovely created ones. Also they fit through the letter box! You can pick a box or build your own here.

Disclaimer: I have worked with TreatBox in a professional capacity in the past, however, all boxes I’ve received I have purchased myself.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Candle

My Mum bought me one of these candles this year as we were meant to be going to Disneyland, I’ve also bought one for my best friend and I have to say these are gorgeous. The smells are delicious and not too overwhelming. They’ve also started doing other non-Disney scents including Elf on a Shelf. Fill up your home with the beautiful smells here.

Cotton Moon Embroidery

I’ve got to know Zoe this year and I have absolutely loved seeing her grow her business and I absolutely love the two designs above – there’s also one of a highland cow that I’m particularly fond of. You can take a look at all of the available designs here.

Are there any other small businesses I should know about? Drop me a link below!

Blogmas 2020 - What I Read In November

Blogmas 2020 – What I Read In November

November was a quieter reading month for me, I was working on some cool stuff but I also struggled to find the energy to sit down and read rather than scrolling YouTube and not really having to think.

So, my focus for the month was mostly shorter books and poetry collections that I could easily follow while ticking a few books off of the massive TBR pile.

This Winter – Alice Oseman

It’s no surprise that I adore the Heartstopper graphic novels (see reviews here for volumes one, two and three!), pre lockdown I picked up this signed edition in my local Waterstones to get me in the mood for winter.

It’s a short story set on Christmas day centring on family and some of the more stressful times celebrating Christmas can bring, but ultimately ended up being lovely and adorable. It was also the only thing I could read in the first week of November.

A quick, lovely 5 star read.

Blood and Honey – Shelby Mahurin

The follow up to one of my favourite books of the year Serpent and Dove. This one took a little longer for me to get into than the first in the series but once I was in I couldn’t stop.

I enjoyed seeing the development of Reid in particular and his choices following the ending of the first novel. There’s so much I want to say but I don’t want to spoil it. Two words though – that ending!!! We now have to wait until August 2021 to get the ending to the trilogy.

This one was 4.5 stars for me.

Sorry I Haven’t Texted You Back – Alicia Cook

I only realised that Alicia Cook had release a new collection thanks to the Goodreads Choice awards. I absolutely loved her previous two collections so put in an order for this as soon as I heard about it.

This follows Alicia’s signature style of having an a and b side, creating two different poems from the same words and written to a song. This very much looks at the depths of depression and how it feels.

A 4 star read for me.

Home Body – Rupi Kaur

It’s no secret that I’m a Rupi Kaur fan and pre ordered my signed edition as soon as it was announced. I found this collection to be different, initially I wasn’t as in love with the first half of the collection but as soon as we hit the second half I felt, once again, like Rupi had taken the thoughts and feelings in my head and put them on a page.

A 4 star read for me.

I Kissed Alice – Anna Birch

This was perfect for a chilled Saturday. A female/female enemies to lovers story involving rival artists and a shared love for Alice in Wonderland. Illiana and Rhodes absolutely despise each other, but what they don’t know is that they’ve actually been communicating, falling in love and collaborating on an Alice In Wonderland space comic together without ever meeting.

The suspense! The drama! I loved this book, it was also a super quick and easy read if you’re in the mood for something lighter. Also the novel is beautifully illustrated by Victoria Ying.

I’d love to hear more about what happens after the end, no spoilers of course! A 4 star read for me.

Have you read any of these or are they on your to read list? Let me know in the comments below!