Sunday Seven: My Most Watched Youtubers

There’s no doubt that Youtubers have become a big deal. You can’t walk around a shopping centre without seeing something to do with a Youtuber. I’m not the most up to date, although my sister does try to tell me who’s ‘cool’ in the YouTube world. So I thought I’d share my seven favourite Youtubers…so far!

Emma Blackery  (also over on Vloggery)

I’ve been watching Emma since my first year at university. Her Youtube has changed a lot over the years and is a mix of comedy, real life, lifestyle and music! If you want someone who speaks their mind, gives good advice and funny videos Emma is your gal!

Cece @ Problemsofabooknerd 

The first book vlogger. I LOVE Cece so much. She’s got a great taste in books and if just great to watch. She’s also very big on promoting Own Voices and LGBTQ books which has lead me to some great novels. Also, I’m in love with her and her girlfriend and thier Funko connection.

Catriona @ LittleBookOwl

Catriona is another book Vlogger I LOVE! She’s an Australian vlogger who again has great taste in books that I wouldn’t usually read. I also love watching her readathon posts too!

Carrie Hope Fletcher @ It’s Way Past My Bedtime

Musical theatre, Disney and just general sunniness. Carrie is what I need on a bad day and what. a. voice. Currently her ‘Watch Me Wednesdays’ posts are my fave!

Giovanna Fletcher @ Giovanna’s World 

Gi is an author and Mum and I absolutely love watching her vlog because it just seems to real. I haven’t read any of Gi’s fiction novels but loved her latest Happy Mum, Happy Baby . She’s real and funny what’s not to love.

Tom Fletcher 

I wasn’t hugely into Mcfly but the above video is the first I cam across. Tom’s weekly vlogs are great and he’s just a genuinely nice guy.

Cherry Wallis 

Cherry is a great lifestyle vlogger with a Harry Potter obsession. I always watch her monthly roundups and Primark hauls in particular. Also Cherry is an incredible Special FX make-up artist.

Versatile Blogger Award

I’m starting this blog by saying a HUGE thank you to Alexandra from Alexandra’s Paradise for nominating me for this blogger award, it feel amazing to know that people are reading and enjoying my blog! So here I go, I’m going to follow the challenge, I hope you all enjoy!

The Rules:  

  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2. Include a link to their blog
  3. Tell the person who nominated you 7 facts about you
  4. Select 15 blogs / bloggers that you have recently discovered or follow regularly


1.  Aqua Blue is my go to colour.

2. I’ve been known to read a book a day…that’s where all my money goes. Like Alexandra, I’m trying to read 100 books this year.

3.  I started taking an interest in make up at the age of 19…yup.

4. I believe in letting pets choose you, that’s how we got our family dog, Lottie and              how I chose my two hamsters Hamski and Noodle. Originally I picked another                hamster (thinking there were only two in there but once I saw all of them I put                my hand in and Hamski came up to me first, followed by a slightly more                          cautious Noodle. A similar thing happened with the litter of puppies Lottie was                in, she jumped up and started licking me…the rest is history.

5.  Aquarium walkways creep me out to no end, I do NOT want sharks going above my head, thanks very much.

6.  Cups of tea are one of life’s small, and most vital, pleasures.

7. I’m a musician and will be going in to record in the next few weeks, exciting!

Here are my nominees:

  1. Kirsty 
  2. Shelly Coco 
  3. Victoria Giggles
  4. Cherry Wallis (find her AMAZING Vlog here) 
  5. Jenny in Neverland
  6. Indisposed and Undiagnosed 
  7. Jenny in Neverland 
  8. Lazarus and Lithium 
  9. Kirsty – Natterly Blog 
  10. Hannah Gale 
  11. Music and Eyeliner
  12. Imogen’s Typewriter
  13. Emma Blackerry 
  14. Lukeisnotsexy
  15. Thoroughlymodernmaisie

So there we go a mix of bloggers and vloggers! A lot of people on there I really admire. Remember to tag me in your replies! – Chloe 

Motivation…where are you?

We all get to that point where everything kind of slows down, I guess I’ve reached that point on the blog. I promised you I’d be completely honest and I need to say that I was starting to get to a point where I was running out of ideas. What did I want to write about? What did you guys want to read? Is there a magical formulae so that I can interact with a load of people.

The problem with that is you then start comparing yourself to people. I LOVE Hannah Gale, I see her blog in all its beauty and wish I was doing that well, I look at Youtubers and see how well they’re doing, then I move on to musicians (don’t even GO there). You get into this totally self absorbed spiral of what you’re not and then, for me at least, an huge tidal wave of anxiety. The conversation kind of goes like this –

My brain: What are you doing? Why has it taken you three hours to even start a blog post? 

Me: I don’t know I’m just struggling with what to write about 

My brain: Look at all the other bloggers, vloggers, musicians they’re all doing something why aren’t you? Also while you’re at it finish that assignment, you know you’re not going to get 70%  but you still need to do it.

Me: Gee thanks brain, I knew that already

My brain: Well if you knew that why did you get up, go back to bed, go on be off with you. 

Me: You’re right, off to bed I go. 

It’s this horrible conversation I have with myself, even when deep down I know I’ve been doing really well. It’s this approval that seems to be needed with online work, we’re anxious by the amount of followers, likes, subscribers and job opportunities we get. We want book deals and big houses and, well, to be like the successful people we see.

It takes a minute though to realise that although we see these people as ‘real’ most of the time people only show the best of themselves. Do I share every dark thought I ever have when I’m on a low? No. Does Emma Blackberry film when she has a huge block of what to talk about? I doubt it. Do I think that Hannah Gale is perfect all of the time? No, she’s bloody honest that she struggles sometimes and that is why I love her blog. And for the likes of my sister and her friends who are obsessed with Zoella, I have no doubt that there is now a persona that she has created for her channel.

I suppose I’m just working out what I’m doing with the blog, I never started it with the hope to make money. I wrote because I enjoyed it and I thought I could share my experiences with other people, which I’m still doing. Other than that I’m hoping to start some book reviews on here, once a week just as something different and I kind of miss my old blog.

So with that I think I’m a little bit more motivated…I wonder if it’s enough for that essay…

If you would like to read Hannah Gale’s blog (which I would recommend) the link is here.