What’s Happening To My Blog?!

Hello, hello, hello

Well, I’m writing this when I should be cleaning my flat – procrastination at its finest, am I right. That’s all you need to know about me even when I’m procrastinating I’m still doing something. Anyway, I digress.

I’ve noticed both this month and last month that my stats have dropped. Part of me didn’t want me to admit this – I see so many bloggers getting amazing opportunities, growing their followers and talking about the 1000+ views they get a day. It’s easy to hide away and feel down.  And I did – I try with my blog and not seeing it go up does frustrate me. BUT there is a reason.

Earlier in the year, my blog was what I did every night, any spare moment I had was spent on the blog and it grew. Every year I eagerly watched as my stats nudged up and it made me feel like I achieved something. I paid so that I could edit my SEO better this was a huge thing for me.

I still love my blog BUT as most of you know, back in the summer I became a freelancer. That is amazing in itself (update to come soon) but it takes up a lot of my time. I am working a lot because as you know there are no guarantees as a freelancer. Work, work, work – am I right? Because of this, I’ve had to cut back a bit on the blog.

This is not, in any way, me stepping away from the blog. I might not have thousands of views a day, deals with big businesses or get trips around the world because of my blog (although, I 100% would do that) BUT it’s something I love to do. So, while I might be stepping back slightly to get this off the ground – I’m not going anywhere.

Sorry guys, I think you’re stuck with me!

My Blogging Journey in 10 questions

I get asked a lot about blogging once people find out about my website, so I thought I’d share my journey in 10 questions for my lovely readers. So, here we go.

Why did you start blogging?

My very first blog was to review my bookcase, as a reason to keep all my books. For this blog, I wanted to document my uni experience and it’s become so much more!

How has blogging changed for you?

My confidence, people read what I write. It’s made me realise I can write and it’s good enough for people to read.

What’s the BEST part of blogging?

Being able to connect with people, exchanging stories!

What’s the worst part of blogging?

Comparing yourself to others. It’s so easy to look and go why aren’t I at their level? It’s often a case of right place, right time added to hard work.

How do you schedule?

I used to be SO good at scheduling. Now if I can I try and schedule a week in advance but it doesn’t always go to plan…

Do you keep track of stats?

I have a spreadsheet (because I’m a total spreadsheet geek) to keep an eye on how I’m doing, what’s working and what’s not.

What makes you keep blogging?

Every now and again, I’ll get a message for a comment from someone about how my blog has been positive for them or helped in some way. It makes me feel good. That and I enjoy it!

What are your blogging goals?

  • To raise awareness of Mental Health
  • To work with some brands to promote something I love
  • To reach 5K Twitter followers
  • To use my blogging experience to write my own book

What do you want your blog to achieve if anything?

To raise awareness of Mental Health first and foremost.

What’s your top tip for new bloggers?

Keep going! Talk to other bloggers and push on through any writer’s block!


If you’d like to use these questions too then make sure to let me know! Leave links in the comments below 🙂