K.J Orr


Sometimes in my life I get to meet some incredibly talented people. Tonight I got to go to a reading by KJ Orr, someone I am lucky enough to know. Katherine taught me when I was in Athens last year. I really learnt a lot from her and the others in the class and there’s just something about talking to her that makes me want to write. I came home from seeing her and listening to her read from her new book of short stories and just started writing myself.

We were told this book was going to be released last summer and I’ve been excited  to read it ever since, just because her passion for short stories was so evident even though she never showed us her work. I’ve listened to excerpts tonight and her writing is addictive. Of course I’ll be reading it and reviewing on this blog but if you’re looking for a new read you can buy it now, and I would definitely recommend it. Congratulation Katherine!!!