Going home


On my way home nothing else says it really… 

It’s been a long semester to say the least. I know that right most of us are tired, a little bit hungrier than we were and a little bit wiser to the world. Well that last bit might not be true for all of us. Either way as much as I love uni there is nothing like coming home for a few weeks and being able to relax. It’s not just being able to do your washing for free and having someone to cook for you (I’ve had that for the last few days anyway) its just being where you can be yourself. I’m coming home to relax and even though I’ll be working for a fair bit of it I feel better after one day.

I’ve heard that Christmas is a good and bad point for everyone. You can go home and recharge, it’s time to work things out. The bad point is you have to go back eventually and I’m worried that’ll be hard when it comes. I don’t want to start the new year on a low when I’ve been doing so well not to be swallowed up by them. So I’m gonna stay positive and hope that I can recharge my batteries.

Picture from: http://www.youngfabians.org.uk/blog/index.php/2012/12/19/will-i-ever-be-able-to-afford-my-own-house/there-s-no-place-like-home-wizard-of-oz-movie-quote-poster/