Sunday Seven: My Busy Week!

Ever since I got back from Majorca, my life has been so damn busy! To the point where I worried my blog was suffering because I was getting home and just falling asleep. This week, in particular, has been so busy but also a lot of fun, so for something a little different I wanted to share with you a snippet from my super busy week!



While I was staying at my Mum’s house sitting, Wickett and I had some quality time and he started to fall asleep in my hand. This was a BIG deal, Wickett hates being picked up, he really doesn’t like it. So for him to cuddle up and let me hold him was huge. I really wanted Ali to see and cuddle him and this week Ali to have the cuddle too!


Goth lipstick of dreams 

When I was a teenager I wanted to be a full emo/goth but I was never quite brave enough to get black lipstick. I found some for a pound and decided what the hell. Who knows when I’ll wear it (it was to go see the Addams family but it was raining and smudgy). My Dad says this picture makes it look like I’m in a movie, I’m down with that.


New Harry Potter Pops! 

There are new Funko pops. I may have pre ordered one or two…oops.


Dinner with friends 

Ali works most weekends in the summer, which means organising going out with friends can be difficult. We finally managed to lock down an evening where the four of us could go to dinner at a local pub. Look at this dessert though. Nom.


Sonia’s leaving tea party

I’m going to be taking over from a lovely lady called Sonia while she is on maternity leave. We had an absolutely adorable tea party for her on Friday with cakes, biscuits and tea. It was all so adorable and tasted so good. I think the whole office was on a sugar crash at the end of the day.


My first work night out 

That evening I went for my first Indian! I know, I’m 22 years old and have never had an Indian. I had the best time chatting, eating and drinking with my new colleagues. I also had the first glass of wine I’ve ever really enjoyed. New woman, right here.



The Addams Family Musical! 

Abbie and I went to Southampton for her birthday surprise! I’ve had these tickets for MONTHS and it was so hard not telling her, I almost burst on her birthday last week because I was so excited. I’m a huge fan of Carrie Hope Fletcher who played Wednesday Addams, she didn’t disappoint!


I wish I could say this week was going to be a slower one, but I’d be wrong with dinners, writing and Pride! Here’s to a busy summer!

USA Goodies!!


Today my family finally came back from America! It’s been super weird getting pictures sent to me and having to FaceTime them rather that just a call when I felt like it, my family have never been abroad without me but alas missing third year lectures was not an option. So instead they went shopping for me in return for me looking after my sisters hamster Fudge and you know not telling the world they’re away. So here are most of the gifts they got me, so exciting! IMG_5392

Star Wars cups. STAR WARS CUPS. So I watched Star Wars 4,5 and 6 for the first time all the way through and now I’m obsessed. I want anything and everything Star Wars, my Dad found these in a discount store and I’m so excited! They’re all so cuttttteeeeee.


Pops! Pops everywhere!! So as any of you who follow me on Instagram I have a little bit of an obsession/ collection with Funko Pops as I pointed out in my Comic Con post and so Mum was armed with a list of what to look out for while in the US. The ones I put down were all sold out, which sucks but she still found some beauties. I got the new Katniss, Spirit Yoda, and exclusive Holiday Dancing Groot and the adorable Lilo I’ve had my eye on for a while. Yay for Pops!


All the candy ever. There was halloween events in Florida and so of course they went for them. My Mum got two full bags, my sister three and my Dad another two, my Dad’s not a giant sweet person so I got his but I’m pretty sure that Mum’s going to give me some more the next time I got home mwhaha. I also got an adorable penguin with Lollipop, Taffy, Rock Lollipops and Milk Duds. Hello sugar highs! I’m hopefully going to do a candy post too with my favourites.


I finally have some black and white converses after mine went in holes (again) and an ace Vans t-shirt to match. Some awesome m&ms, a chocolate frog and a Hard Rock pin badge. Oh and let’s not forget my new wand Harry Potter’s no less! I also got some comic books too but I haven’t taken a picture of those but I’m sure they’ll feature on Instagram soon! I’m so grateful for all my gifts and have a great time with Fudge spending quality time together.