My bands teaser!!!!!!!

I’ve been bouncing around about everything we’ve been doing in the studio for a while now. Here is our first teaser for the next single which is out VERY soon!!!!! Follow us on twitter @nopeopleclub and we’re on Facebook! I’m so excited to share this with you. Enjoy!

You Me At Six (Part 1)

While I hoped this post would be full of beautiful pictures of You Me At Six playing and rocking out on stage while I took beautiful pictures. Unfortunately that didn’t happen, why you ask? Short girl syndrome (a joke I hoped to make with the boys when I met them…more on that later), despite standing on a raised edge I could just about see them, with great difficulty. Instead I screamed, I shouted, I danced and later got crushed by people who have NO gig manners. Seriously people don’t just shove each other, be polite at gigs especially when your going to meet them anyway.

Photo: You Me At Six!!!

Ali and I in the amazingly long queue! 

The pushing and shoving wasn’t during the performance, well not where I was standing anyway it was when all hell broke loose for the signing. We were ALL going to meet them (for the amazing price of £11, thank you Banquet Records) but people went crazy. Luckily we didn’t queue for too long but they shouted that only one item could be signed. I’d thought before of bringing my T-Shirt for signing and didn’t know if I’d get away with it, as you can see from above I did! They were absolutely lovely with me trying not to fan girl but it was Max I ended up talking to, he liked my ‘old school’ t-shirt for the ‘Save it for the bedroom’ era (check that song out!). I’ve fallen in love with him a little bit, not in a stalker way though although I’m not sure if he thought I could be.

The lovely Max! (not my picture) 

So now I have something to cherish for the rest of my life. I love the fact that they appreciated it and as you’ll notice this is only part 1, in April Ali and I will be heading into London to see them do the whole set. The new album is absolutely incredible even though I was unsure at first (I’m not going to lie I do miss those cute emo boys with floppy fringes but I’m not 15 any more!). I actually can’t wait for it despite knowing that there will be a case of short girl syndrome again no doubt! Anyway, it’s gigs like this that make you realise how great independent record shops are it was £11 for that ticket, CD and I met the boys, I’ve also met Deaf Havana and will be meeting We Are The In Crowd because of them, one day I hope that No People Club can repay the favour.